Sky Exile

by Vex

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The highly anticipated, critically acclaimed followup to 2013's 'Memorious,' 'Sky Exile' features 11 tracks written and recorded from the summer of 2013 to spring 2016. Produced by Michael Day, and engineered, mixed, and mastered by Michael Day and Adrian Benavides.

Lyrically, the album is written as a set of journal entries from somewhere in West Texas during the tortuously hot and drought-ridden summer of 2011. The overall concept is our attempt to imagine the personal narratives and forgotten histories of the abandoned houses that we so often encounter on long and lonely Texas roads.


released June 19, 2016

Michael Day: electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals, synth
Ciaran McCloskey: electric guitars, synth
Eoghan McCloskey: drums, samples, synth, additional percussion
Joe Jackson: vocals, electric guitars
Joel Miller: bass



all rights reserved


Vex Austin, Texas

"Vex offer a fresh perspective on our metal ancestry and its continued relevance; don’t miss out on genuine progress." -

"Anyone passionate about music knows how it is to discover a band you have not heard of before, new or established, that really hits the mark, and Vex is definitely a band that can provide you just that feeling." -Scream Magazine
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Track Name: To Anacreon (Strangling The Muse)
Curse the day

Lacerate the sense with excruciating rage
Flood the range of sights anew with torrents of your shame

Determined in our solace, we must face the barren night
Chorus of Olympus, rise above these earthly lights
Surging through my head as I proceed to look beyond
This mockery, this poverty, this paltry state of mind

An ominous rumble through the parting of the clouds and the sullen dead trees
The maddening strains, the rapturous timbre of Anacreon's lyre

Hysterical shouts from a place far beyond my sight
But I can hear them clearly as my path is torched with Dionysian flames

Surrender not to the resentment of the day
Your spirit needn't be trampled in this way

This terrible farce, this ignoble place
You've lost your way, now bereft of grace

The night went on, the cloak was raised, the air was crisp and clear
Glasses full, the gods were praised in revelry and cheer
Cast away this wasteful day and scorn upon the Muse
Drown the cursed sounds of whores whose songs are of no use

Thamrys was blinded but he will not be silent
Track Name: Antithetical Age
Torrential storms and bouts of rain
Steering us toward unwelcome terrain
Fits of howling and flashes of light
Coursing shivers through cascading night

Towards the day when the spirit sinks away

Heads were bowed and fists were clenched
Somewhere on the floor of this cold, dark room
Revelry's play is misery's way, the siren song for the souls led astray

Sirens sing as the body sinks away

Grasping the sides of this raft to stay afloat
Cold eyes gleaming, cruel and remote

“Your misery carries you down
You'd do just as well to drown
You're nowhere near the shore
So you needn't swim anymore”

The air was so thick and sodden
Throats caked in years of ash and dirt
Speaking is breathing in gusts of the dead
Was it for you that I forged on ahead

Towards the day when the spirit sinks away

With the turgid weight of this sacrament
I ask for nothing but mere remembrance

“Your misery carries you down
You'd do just as well to drown
You're cuffed in there like a clown
When you shouldn't be making a sound”

Upon my fall, the sky shone so bright
In luminescent and eventual white

A cavern of clouds arching so far above
The antithetical yearning for the age of love

Down, the body drifts down
Think nothing of this as I quietly drown
Track Name: Nowhere Near
Shoveling through the dirt, tearing through the tendons
A bloodied hand surrender, I won't be here for long
Disembodied dreams remember, lacerated heart so tender
Somewhere we turned you wrong

I've been walking alone for many miles
Been traveling for many years
No reason to walk any further
Sleep now and dream the centuries to come
Track Name: The Cygnus Light
Withered hands scrape away the dirt
Never rising very far from the mirth
So speaks the weary poet
Crouching silently by the shore

Toiling thus a day closer to death
A greater good than I've ever met
So I shrink and forsake my purpose
Like a river drying further each day

Thrown back into the cold night
By the trembling hands of providence
So it goes for the weary traveler
Now reduced to a wandering fool

With our lives inscribed in the margins of stone
Will we rise above the flame of this funeral pyre
Place our ashes at the heart of this burial chamber
Our stories enshrined by the bleak solstice light
Track Name: Solar Sacrament
Lurch through the earth as I reach for the night
With nary a breeze to nurture my mind
Rivets of sweat soak the damning regrets
In the tired pursuit of another sunset

The dream of release, of a sullen retreat
An astral projection over sun-roasted fields
An incessant longing over dry river days
An impossible shelter from the shattering gaze

Sheltered from the gaze
From the scalding sun's rays
Exalted in our rage
Against the scorching summer plague

There was no solace here
No peace among those hills
Far beyond those ruined lives
No place to flee or hide

Solar scars, burning sacraments
To hollow days, long since gone
Solar scars, scalding sad lament
Solar scars, burning monuments
In exile from the sky
Solar scars, rusted artifacts
Of rivers all but dry

The road that leads back there
Through empires torched to the ground
Relics of dust and despair
Petrified in the absence of sound

Solar scars, burning sacraments
To hollow days, long since gone
Solar scars, scalding sad lament
Solar scars, burning monuments
In exile from the sky
Track Name: Dark Skies Painted
Sketching the lines around this blank canvass
Stored somewhere in the distance of this empty chamber

In dark skies painted, she spoke with agonized colors
Through poisonous words invoked, a malevolent cadence of light

Smiling next to you under a lucid dawn of ash
Staring towards the murky river, our lives would soon be drowned in the tide

In dark skies painted, she spoke with agonized colors
With spirits withered and cloaked in indolent phrases of night

Through a widening fracture came elegiac turns of phrases
A sudden surge of torrid visions, carrying the force of life
These clouds would soon swallow us all, devouring through distant reaches
Haven sought in the wretched streets
Faceless, alone, and dying by degrees

Reinvigorated spirits awoke with agonized colors
With an ending as cruel and remote, as my exile to the sky
Track Name: 30 Miles From Here
From my place among the clouds
Buried beneath centuries of stone
I bore witness but saw nothing at all
Wisps of smoke rise, nests of serpents fall
Fountain of fertility, bless us with your grace
Lecherous siren, spewing out your filth
Forced into the night, alone and afraid
Forced to face the light, a demon they have made

Never unknown, always alone

Staring out through the cracks again
Piercing shards of the seraphim

Gliding through a chasm of broken glass
She is here when I am ever alone
When the blood has all but dried
Faint traces of her movement will dream me away from here

30 miles from here, from where I was last seen
Many months have passed since the last drop of rain
The rivers have dried, every harvest has died
Collapsing the view of this age

A skyward exile
Project me from here
From the land that speaks my name

Soaring Cygnus,
The dream of vast centuries

Grasping, gasping, losing control
Falling so fast, sinking so slow
Shadows creeping, darker than night
Breaking the door down to embrace the light
Track Name: August 11th
Suffocate in an oasis of dust
The siren's song, wavering like a phantom gust

Choking on shards of the frozen past
False hope at the sight of the mirage
An ethereal vision that shatters like glass
The dream, no more than painful truth

Dead branches ripping at my flesh
Seeking refuge in a rotting foundation
Expectations fade to grim acceptance
My fate is sealed

Buried under years of hope
Lies the last dead verse I wrote
The allure of the encroaching dusk
As it gently clasps around my throat

But I still see the sun
Shine down on nothing new
Lighting my way from here
Along the path I never knew